Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A Call for Personal Stories--II

Readers, do you have stories about your experience in a church that teaches its members to avoid medical care?  Please share them here, especially those that involve children. Make them as long or as short as you like, just so they stick to the subject of faith healing and the avoidance of medical care. I am also interested in sharing stories about group pressure to avoid medical care.

Please note that this is not a forum to run down any church, its leaders, or its members, including any parents who may have denied a child medical care because of their faith. There are plenty of online forums where people can vent their feelings about negative experiences in various churches, but this is a forum to help parents free themselves to seek competent medical care for their children without worry that they are failing a test from God when they do so.

From my own background, I believe that churches who teach the avoidance of competent medical care are acting out of ignorance and terribly misguided good intentions.

Personal stories can help others find their way out of darkness by letting them know they are not alone, that their doubts about avoiding competent medical care are not wrong, that a church that proclaims spiritual authority over its membership in these matters has none. Personal stories can also be a way of redeeming what are otherwise just painful memories. If one child is saved from needless suffering and death because her parent reads about your experience, then you have redeemed that experience.


  1. Bravo, Kathleen! You have taken up a wonderful cause. May it bear much fruit!

    Our daughter was "born into" a church which emphasized faith healing to the exclusion of medical intervention in 1970. As a matter of fact, she was delivered in a "home birth" and we observed all the tenets of "natural childbirth" (no anesthetics and so on) back a long time before that became a bit more common in modern American society.

    Gratefully, as gullible as my husband and I were to get sucked into what ended up being a totally dictatorial, harsh "cult-like" group in the first place, we kept SOME of our wits. I tried to get my mind around, for instance, the total anti-vaccination stance. (Drugs and vaccines were of the devil...hospitals were labeled "temples of Molech") But when our daughter was three, a big whooping cough epidemic ravaged the church nationally, hit hard in our local congregation, and the churches national youth summer camp. God COULD have "protected" all those children from the disease, but He didn't choose to do so. And He could have chosen to heal them all instantly when they were "anointed" once they got sick. But He didn't. Right then and there I realized how nonsensical the whole thing was, and we just quietly got our daughter vaccinated. Both my grandmother and my husband's grandmother had lost babies to whooping cough epidemics back when they ran rampant through the land before widespread vaccination. I saw no need to lose my little one to one man's warped interpretation of the Bible.

    Around that same time a local church mother of three small children was in a horrible car accident. A blood transfusion was needed to save her. She literally ripped the needle out of her arm and cast it away so God wouldn't reject her from His Kingdom for her lack of faith. She died. I don't doubt if that had been one of her children with the needle in an arm, she would have done the same thing if she could get close enough to, in spite of the legal ramifications. I decided at that point that MY family wouldn't be rejecting that kind of medical help in an emergency. But I had many friends who would. I have long since seen that the Bible requires no such anti-medical stance, and I hope that many trapped in situations where their common sense is overridden by fear of God's wrath...a fear not coming from God, but from fallible men...will be able to get free.

    Thanks again for your efforts, Kathleen.

  2. Thanks so much for your story, Pam. When more people do what you did, i.e. think for themselves, society will be healthier and safer.

  3. Readers, this post is, by far, the most read on this site, which suggests that many of you may indeed have stories to share. Let's hear them.