Friday, June 3, 2016

What Is This Blog About?

Hi, Everyone:

This blog is to help parents who feel trapped by their church's teaching that they should reject competent medical care in order to rely on God to heal their ill child. 

I grew up in such a church. It later moderated its teaching, saying that ministers should encourage members to trust God alone for their healing, but that members who sought medical care would no longer be excommunicated. But sole reliance on the prayer of faith was held up as the ideal, and there was pressure to live up to that. While I respect the sincerity of those I knew who believe this way, I long ago rejected the idea that a loving God would want parents to let their ill child needlessly suffer or die. 

If you are a parent with a seriously ill child, or if you are an ill minor being denied medical care because of your parents' beliefs, please reach out to someone you can trust to help you. 

Readers are invited to post personal stories about this in the comments below. Comments are moderated to the extent that none will be permitted that pressure parents to avoid medical care for their children. Shared personal stories can help parents understand that they are not alone, that while there may be consequences for rejecting your church's teaching to deny medical care to your child (or yourself), those consequences must be faced for the sake of your child.

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