Friday, October 7, 2016

Mariah Walton

I received an email from Sara Walton Brady who read the Introduction on my profile, which dealt with her sister Mariah Walton's congenital heart defect. She told me that the information was incorrect and asked me to take it down. She sent me a link to her testimony before the Mariah Walton Faith Healing Working Group, where she decries the purportedly false information that various groups have used to further the agenda of passing laws to protect children by eliminating the exclusionary clauses in child safety laws. As far as I can tell from listening to her testimony, the family is hurt and embarrassed because she says they would all do things differently now if they knew then what they know now. She also states that her parents are not members of a fringe LDS group, that they have always only been members of the LDS group, and that the church does not teach against seeking medical care. Furthermore, because her mother is "knowledgeable" about "natural healing," and used those methods in addition to praying for Mariah's healing, that they were not relying strictly on prayer. She says that if her parents had known about Mariah's heart defect, her mother would never have tried to treat it with herbs.
Sara Brady argues near the end of her testimony that she doesn't like the idea of mandated twice a year well-child check ups. The irony of that is that had Mariah's parents been legally obliged to do this, Mariah's heart defect would have been discovered in time to repair it.

So here is what I'm going to do. I am going to link Sara's testimony and an ABC interview of Mariah and Emily, another sister, and let my readers mull this over. By the way, there is absolutely no mention of Mariah having blackmailed her father, so I can't imagine what ABC was thinking to title the interview the way they did.

Here's a link to a telephone interview with Emily Walton, further describing what happened to Mariah.


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